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Chapter 2: The Separation of Thought and State

Essay 6 – A Government of the Courts for the Minority



Essay 8 – Social Security & the Sanctity of Marriage



Essay 10 – State of Confusion

  • http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/12/12/gay-penguins-breeding-toronto.html - In the end, pseudotypical thinkers will always be proven wrong.
  • http://www.worldoncampus.com/2012/03/some_students_want_to_eat_less_chicken - Brilliant student senate decision… let’s show our commitment to inclusivity by discriminating against an organization that doesn’t agree with our agenda. Notice the stats… 1.5% of the student body signed the petition—irresponsible individualism at its best.
  • Recommended Reading – One of the best commentaries on the effects of national decline is by Dennis Olson, “Judges,” The New Interpreter’s Bible, Volume 2 (Abingdon, 1998).  With relative ease, one can see the similarities between the failure of Israel during the time of the judges and the failures of modern America.  Of particular interest is Dr. Olson’s discussion of the decline in leadership as it is reflected in the lives of the judges.  Little was known about the earlier judges save for their great deeds.  However, the latter judges are known for their personal issues rather than their deeds.  Likewise, the fact that modern presidential elections in America have become a source of entertainment revolving around personality rather than performance is indicative of the plight of the nation.  In a very real way, due to an immature mainstream media and completely dysfunctional politicians, a good leader would not want to lead in 21st century America.